Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February's Summary

   In mid February, the 7th graders had The Da Vinci project. After gathering notes and facts, we had to do either a poster or a slideshow. Being the Chim Tech student I am, grabbed a partner and did a slideshow. The slideshow was much better than the poster because it's very convenient to transport from home to school and vise versa, compared to the awkward transporting of a poster. Adding tweeks to the slideshow was the only thing that could put me to sleep that one night.
   Next was the pet rock project for science. We had to do a poster, but being the Chim Tech student I am, requested that all Chim Tech students to be offered a chance to do a slideshow instead. In the end, all of the Chim Tech students in my class did do a slideshow. Not everyone could do a slideshow because not everyone has access to a device. The slideshows were much better than posters because the audience could actually see and read what was on it. In addition, the person presenting with a slideshow didn't have to have their voice projecting off of the wall, trying to read the slide. They could just look at the device.
   Finally, we had to type an essay about the Da Vinci project. Typing is much better than writing because if the person has sloppy handwriting, it could easily be seen typed out. And if you want to add font, then you can!
   Well, that's basically all the tech related things of February, and I hope there'll be more in March. Go check out the website I made about my partner and I's Da Vinci principles. Until then, catch you on the next post.

The home screen of the website mentioned

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Money Matters

   During the second quarter, for fourth period I chose Money Matters, taught by Ms. Barreth. We were told to choose 3 companies and track their stocks weekly. I chose Home Depot, Microsoft and Pepsi.
Image result for pepsiImage result for microsoftImage result for home depot
   We were documenting our stocks on an Excel sheet. Since Excel didn't work for all students, I decided to try a Google Sheets. After recording all stock prices and dates, I attempted to mess around and see if I could change or add my Sheets to a graph. To turn a sheet into a graph, all you have to do is click "Insert" and click "Chart" then you can decide what type of graph you want.

This is what I got. If you want to see the link go here

   Leave a comment if you like. I'll catch you on the next post!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Chim Tech

   Chim Tech is short for Chimacum Technology. It's basically a group of middle school students, who find ways to add technology to their everyday classes. We think out of the box and in the device!  For example, in language arts you would write an essay on paper, maybe even type it out on a computer. However, a Chim Tech student would make a whole presentation on the topic! So, what do you think about Chim Tech and it's students? Tell me in the comment section. I'll hear from you on the next post!